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The 30 Second Lesson: Pivot, Plan and Perform

Imagine you’re driving down an empty highway 100’s of miles from anywhere. Its the middle of summer and the sun is beating down on your face. Its a great day. Life is good. Then, out of nowhere, your wheel comes loose and rolls away!

Would you:

A. ignore the issue totally … you’re confident this whole “4 wheel” thing is a myth
B. continue to try and drive, but a little slower
C. pull over and hope someone shows up before you start to dehydrate
D. panic, swerve and wrap yourself around a tree.
E. pull over, take a breath and make a plan. Perhaps look for your spare tyre.

Hopefully, you all said E. But what if you didn’t know how to change your tyre? I’m guessing you would get your phone out, watch a video and “give it a go”.

Your Business Just Lost a Wheel!

Your business is in EXACTLY the same predicament right now. It WAS summer, it WAS a beautiful day, but your world has changed. The businesses of tomorrow are pivoting today. Hunkering down and planning to “come out the other side” is not viable, neither is “going hard, faster, better”. Panicking is never an answer … You need to stay calm, adapt and execute.

Spend some time understanding what your customers were buying vs what you were selling and then plan how to deliver that in this new world. Once you have worked that out, get online and fill in the gaps of your knowledge. DO NOT let “I don’t know how” to be part of the equation, work out what you need to do and then work out how to do it and not the other way around.

There is more opportunity over the next 6 months than you have EVER experienced and probably ever will. Your audience is captive, sitting at home and searching for creative answers to their needs.

You HAVE to be creative and find opportunity. You and I were being spoon-fed a month ago … it WAS easy. Now it’s not so easy and the weak will fall by the wayside, offering you even more opportunity and market share if you’re savvy, creative, positive and operating in the right mindset.

Stay safe, wash your hands and don’t panic!

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