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It’s all About Mentality

Throughout your life, there is really only one key skill you need to master. Whilst others are deep in the details, I’d recommend you double down on understanding and controlling your mindset and mentality before anything else. The more you understand yourself and can manipulate how you feel and think, the more effective you will be in every other facet of your life.

This advice isn’t limited to a specific career, isn’t gender-specific and doesn’t have a boundary on age or race. It makes no difference if you’re a student or a CEO, mindset is everything.

Its a lesson we saw play out in 40 seconds and if you missed it, you missed out. I’m talking of course of Conor McGregor’s recent UFC win against Cowboy Cerrone … potentially the most important fight of Conor’s life. This was the fight that either validated his cross-discipline match against Floyd Mayweather and excused his loss to Nurmagomedov or marked the decline of one of the sport’s greats.

What’s important is that you see beyond the UFC and mixed martial arts … you don’t need to be a fan of the sport in any way to see the lesson it can teach you. In fact, you can abhor all forms of violence and still learn from the year prior to Conor’s win.

Mindset, mindset and mindset … that’s what decimated Cerrone in under a minute. There was no doubt of Cerrone’s pedigree: 2 black belts, undefeated kickboxing record and 36 MMA wins. There was also no doubt of his conditioning: Cerrone was in the form of his life. But the same can be said of Conor … you rarely see any sports competition at this level where the competitors aren’t at the top of their game, whether its UFC, F1, Golf or the NFL.

So what’s the difference? Mindset and radical expectations. Conor and his camp enlisted one of the very best coaches in the world to help prepare for the fight.

Did the coach in question have a history in MMA? No. Did they have a pedigree in preparing fighters for the ring? Absolutely Not.

So who was this coach? Tony Robbins. Like him or not, Tony Robbins has a 40-year track record in helping people reach their destiny through mindset and has built a $6 billion business around that single pursuit. His client list reads like a who’s who of the last 20 years … athletes, presidents and businessmen worldwide regard him as the “go-to” guy. Not a bad guy to have in your corner I guess!

This isn’t one of those articles where I give you top tips or 7 daily practices. This is a call to arms. Get up, Stand Up and Step Up. Dedicate your life to being the best version of you there possibly is and you will see the rewards in every aspect of your existence. Focus on your mindset and everything else will follow.

“When I say something is going to happen, it’s going to happen.”


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